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Plunge XL Hot and Cold Plunge

Introducing The Plunge XL Hot and Cold Plunge

The Plunge cools down to 39°F and doubles as a hot tub.

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$ 7,490

Huckberry just dropped the new Plunge XL Hot and Cold Plunge, an indoor/outdoor hot and cold plunge that can elevate energy and boost recovery and performance. The company says it’s perfect for everyone, from daily users looking for an upgrade to their backyard setup to first-timers ready to try cold immersion. The Plunge XL Hot and Cold Plunge cools to 39°F and also doubles as a hot tub.

It is constructed from durable acrylic and fiberglass and has a reinforced metal base. Huckberry says the water constantly circulates, and there’s an Ozone sanitation system with a 20-micron filter to remove debris and contaminants, ensuring water quality. This plunge boasts built-in underwater light and uses a standard 110 V outlet. The fully insulated bottom and tubes prevent condensation.

Additionally, there’s an insulated spa cover to keep out debris and maintain a consistent temperature. Plus, the Plunge XL Hot and Cold Plunge comes with a cell phone holder, a skimmer net to clean out floating debris, and a rubber duck just for fun. Huckberry says Plunge founders Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey teamed up because they wanted to create a safe and affordable way for anyone to get a cold plunge. They went through several iterations and made improvements until they had a Plunge that satisfied their requirements. Their brand fits perfectly in the Huckberry family of outdoor products for refined tastes.

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