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Vollebak Titan Fleece Jacket

Vollebak Titan Fleece Jacket: Built To Withstand -179°C

Designed to withstand the cryogenically cold temperatures of space.

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$ 1,295

Built for the subfreezing temperatures of space, Vollebak has just unveiled its Titan Fleece Jacket, weighing in at a mere 1350 grams. The Titan Fleece boasts an outer layer that can survive a 45k mph drag on concrete and has a thick ultra-soft Polartec fleece lining made from 74% recycled material. Vollebak ran a Darmstadt abrasion resistance test recreating high-speed falls onto concrete to assess the jacket’s durability. They attached three samples to a machine with mechanical rotating arms. The arms hover over a rough concrete slab, spinning to simulate a high-speed fall with a 30-meter drag.

Vollebak says the Titan Fleece Jacket is the only fleece that gets stronger in colder weather. They used Dyneema, the toughest fiber on Earth, re-engineered it in Germany, then spun ultra-thin fibers into a yarn, adding polyester and elastane, resulting in a 3D honeycomb Dyneema fleece. The Titan Fleece Jacket features a 3D geometric texture that Vollebak says creates hundreds of air pockets for a softer and warmer fabric.

Additionally, the jacket boasts a magnetic zip with an emergency pull cord, two large fleece-lined pockets with water-resistant zippers, and two more pockets layered underneath, protected by angled storm flaps with metal snap fasteners. What’s more, there’s another small zipped pocket inside and three bungee loops on the chest to hold extra gear such as carabiners or ice screws. The Titan Fleece Jacket is available online on the company website for $1,295.

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