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Vollebak Sashiko Range

Vollebak Rolls Out The Sashiko Range

The capsule is highlighted by the Sashiko Jacket, using the ancient Japanese art of sashiko.

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Vollebak just dropped the new Sashiko Range, drawing its inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of Sashiko, or high strength repairing. The brand’s pioneers utilizing this new approach to constructing highly durable clothing started with its Sashiko Jacket. The soft, 100% Jacquard cotton jacket is embroidered with 5.5km of sashiko thread, which is tough and durable, just like the Sashiko that keeps farmers warm and fishermen dry. The stitching technique also creates an extra layer of thickness for firefighters’ coats. The jacket features a high, wrap-around Kimono-style neck, cuffs, and hem reinforced with five lines of stitching. It also has a 6cm collar and darted shoulders, and the sleeves boast a three-piece construction.

The other piece in the range is the Sashiko Sweatshirt, which boasts 4.5 km of reinforced high-strength stitching. The Sashiko technique is a highly resilient form of embroidery from the Japanese Edo period. This technique made sustainable clothing that was passed down through generations. Vollebak says they combined 100% organic cotton with 4.5 kilometers of stitching to create a sweatshirt that is soft and comfortable to wear but also provides durability. Both the jacket and the sweatshirt are crafted with high-strength, flame-retardant aramid fibers. The Sashiko Sweatshirt boasts 470 grams of 100% cotton for a built-in cotton jersey of densely knitted yarn that is more resistant to wear and pilling. Vollebak’s Sashiko range is part of the company’s collection designed for an extreme future—available online.

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