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Vollebak Solar Charged Puffer

Vollebak Drops The White Edition Of Its Solar Charged Puffer

Made from a highly responsive material that can be instantly charged and made to glow in the dark by any light source.

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$ 1,295

Vollebak keeps the hits coming. Its latest, the Solar Charged Puffer White Edition, is meant for the coldest and darkest places on the planet, AND it glows in the dark. The jacket features a three-layer waterproof fabric with ultra-durable detailing and insulation to warm the wearer in temperatures as low as -40°C. The puffer’s white exterior looks like one thick layer of material. However, the outer layer makes the jacket wind and waterproof with nylon mesh. A polyurethane membrane stores and emits light. And the third layer adds strength and durability with the same nylon ripstop found in parachutes. The jacket also boasts two large bellows front pockets with fleece lining, two invisible chest pockets, and two giant zipped internal pockets.

The Vollebak Solar Charged Puffer incorporates a second layer of ultra-thin and lightweight polyurethane membrane and phosphorescent compound below the jacket’s surface. The membrane and compound work together to absorb and store light rapidly. During the day, the Solar Charged Puffer is chalk white, with black details on the forearms of the sleeves. Once the wearer exposes it to light, the jacket starts glowing in the dark. What’s more, the highly responsive jacket can turn phosphorescent in the dark using a flashlight, or by setting it underneath a lightbulb.

Vollebak says wearing the Solar Charged Puffer out in the sun will make it glow in the dark like kryptonite. Twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball founded Vollebak in 2016 to use science and technology to create future-proof clothes. The Solar Charged Puffer White Edition is available at Vollebak online for $1,295.

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