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Nissan Ariya Electric SUV

Pole to Pole EV Expedition Nissan Ariya SUV Is Ready For Its 17,000 Mile (Off) Road Trip

Ready for any terrain, armed with 39-inch tires and an espresso machine.

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The Nissan Ariya Electric SUV went on sale in the fall of 2022. To showcase the Nissan Ariya’s versatility, durability, and dependability in the real world, Nissan has organized a colossal challenge. The Pole to Pole expedition, two drivers embarking on a literal world tour driving from the south to the north pole in a Nissan Ariya EV

The 17,000-mile route will force the Nissan Ariya EV to navigate the harshest terrain in all weather conditions over the 10-month expedition. As part of the challenge, the Ariya has been left mostly stock. Except for a set of massive 39-inch BF Goodrich all-terrain tires to assist the Ariya’s e-4ORCE electric all-wheel-drive system and a drone launch pad on the roof. Another unique modification is an integrated espresso coffee maker requested by the drivers Chris and Julie Ramsey.

To cope with range anxiety during the trip, the Nissan Ariya comes equipped with a portable, renewable energy unit to help charge the batteries in remote, unpopulated areas. There will also be a second Nissan Ariya used as a support vehicle which we assume will carry additional supplies and possibly a generator.

We also assume the Nissan Ariyas used for this incredible journey will feature the optional, larger 87-kWh battery pack for a maximum range of 304 miles. However, that range on gas or electric vehicles changes during off-road driving. The Nissan Ariya Pole to Pole Expedition is set to start in March 2023. You can follow their journey here.

Nissan Ariya Electric SUV

Nissan Ariya Electric SUV

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  • Battery: 87-kWh
  • Range: 304 miles (max)
  • Max Power: 238 hp
  • Max Torque: 221 lb.-ft