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Tree House by RA+TR arquitectos

RA+TR Arquitectos Present ‘Tree House’ On The Coast of Portugal

Between the cylindrical architecture and the dominant use of wood, the structure has an unmistakable tree house vibe.

Porto Covo is a small civil parish located along the western coast of Portugal, just 110 miles south of Lisbon. With its white, fine sand beaches, natural rock cliffs, and secluded coves, it is a popular vacation spot, as well as a bustling fishing community. Lisbon-based architects RA+TR were commissioned to design and build what has been dubbed the Tree House on a site near the ocean in Porto Covo. RA+TR’s clients wanted a vacation home with an open floor plan that included a kitchen, bathroom, and a space for sleeping. They envisioned a tree house with a view of the sea. When the architects visited the site, they realized that the existing trees were neither tall nor plentiful enough, to build the house nestled among the trees as the clients had wished. The tree house, therefore, was positioned next to the trees, which still fulfilled the clients’ wish for an ocean view.

When designing the tree house, the architects had to consider the occasional strong storms and accompanying winds coming off the sea. They decided on a mix of concrete, steel, and wood as the main elements of the structure. The exterior facing is constructed of marine-grade plywood, while the structural wood is autoclave-treated pine. Pine was used throughout for the floors and the interior cladding is birch plywood. The first level of the cylindrical two-story tree house is comprised of an open living area, bathroom, and kitchen. The curved staircase leads up to the large sleeping loft area.  With the generous use of woods throughout the structure, one most definitely has the sense of living in a tree house – with a breathtaking view of the ocean as an added bonus.

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