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House MF by spaceworkers

Casa MF Is An Intriguing Residence Located In Scenic Portugal

Designed by the architectural firm, spaceworkers, Casa MF is a study in contemporary design.

After five years from its inception to its completion, Casa MF, was finished this year. Known for their stunning contemporary designs, the owners chose spaceworkers, an architectural firm located in northern Portugal, to oversee the design and construction of Casa MF. Apart from wanting a new home for their family of four, the clients were very clear that they wanted an L-shaped residence. With this challenge in mind, spaceworkers developed a unique approach by creating a series of consecutive volumes of different heights and depths that span across the L-shaped foundation. Each of the volumes represents different functions within the residence, while creating a novel spatial dynamic.

The front exterior façade is practically windowless, save two windows, which ensures the privacy of the family. The main façade is made of exposed concrete with wooden formwork as seen in the dramatic entryway, which is marked by a cantilevered structure that extends over the entrance with an imposing ceiling height. At the back of the residence, facing the pool and garden area, are multiple floor-to-ceiling windows, which more than makes up for the lack at the front of the home.

Within the interior of the 5,800 square foot structure, spaceworkers strategically designed the work and living areas so they would not interfere with one another. Next to the entrance is an in-home office space, while at the rear, overlooking the backyard, are the living room, dining area and kitchen. There is also a space designed as a playroom for the children. These rooms are continuous, with independent access to the garden and the pool. The second floor contains three secondary bedrooms, spread among the volumes of the “L”. Each has three rectangular skylights to allow light into these spaces. The main bedroom suite consists of two volumes of different scales that are joined by a small interior patio. This brings nature into the house and provides a transition between the main bedroom, bathroom, and the dressing room. Casa MF effectively enhances the interaction and privacy of the family with its bold and sophisticated spaces, all the while fulfilling the clients’ request for a unique L-shaped residence.