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ANNA Cabin by Caspar Schols

ANNA Cabin – An Unrivaled Way To Connect With Nature

The layered, moving walls of ANNA Cabin can be rearranged to suit different occasions or adapt to weather conditions.

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$ 103,000

ANNA Cabin, designed by architect Caspar Schols, puts a fresh and intriguing spin on the classic wooden cabin. At first glance, ANNA appears deceptively simple with its metal gable roof, simple wood construction, and terrace. However, ANNA’s walls — both the outer wood shell and the inner glass — slide open and closed on four rails, allowing it to expand and contract. When the weather is warmer, the shells can glide open to provide more light and ventilation. In cooler temperatures, the cabin walls can be closed to provide shelter and warmth.

The two shells rest on a wooden base on which they can slide and allow the house to “open”. The empty space formed between these two parts can be used as a patio, leaving it completely open, or it can be closed by an additional shell, this time glazed. ANNA Cabin has four distinct configurations. The first functions as a simple closed cabin, the second is to manually slide the walls apart to open its center up to the elements completely. The third configuration is the same, but with a glass roof and walls offering protection from the elements. The fourth, finds glazed enclosures bookending the cabin on either side.

The spaces inside the cabin include a kitchen with a wall-mounted sink, cooktop, counter, and storage space, a bathroom, a sleeping area, and a living area. Above the kitchen is a mezzanine which can be used as a second bedroom. Built from sustainably grown materials, the interior is a pairing of Douglas fir and birch ply, while the exterior is finished in inland larch fir.

ANNA Cabin is not just to be admired from afar – it is actually available to purchase. All materials can be delivered in one piece or flat-packed, by land or sea. With the help of a mini electric crane, the elements can be put together in just five working days with three people. With easy-to-remove screw foundations, this impact-free structure leaves nothing behind in nature when disassembled. (More info at www.cabin-anna.com)