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Urban Treehouses in Berlin by Baumraum

As kids, we all have romanticized having a space only dedicated to ourselves. Some would use blankets to make blanket forts or tents to proceed with a secret plan to sabotage dinner, while others would crawl into their parents wardrobe and imagine their own Narnia. For the privileged kids, it was a treehouse on top of an old tree in the backyard with secret access codes and water balloons for the summer. Embracing this idea of escape and desire for personal space, Germany-based Baumraum built a series of experimental tree houses for adults. To be precise, these are not tree houses but rather 226 sq-ft spaces built on top of wooden structures to free its occupants from the busy city life. Despite being small, the modern treehouses pack all the functionalities of a house with a kitchen, sleeping quarters, bathroom, and so on.