The Chemical Brothers – We’ve Got To Try

The new Chemical Brothers music video features a lovable dog F1 racer and space explorer.

In advance of the premiere of his first feature Boyz in the Wood at SXSW, the talented short film and music video director Ninian Doff has created an incredibly cinematic and visually arresting collaboration with the electronica duo The Chemical Brothers. If you’re familiar with the story of the Soviet space dog Laika or any of the animals that have been launched into space in the name of scientific exploration, you’ll particularly enjoy this video.

Edited in perfect synchronicity with the driving and anthemic music of The Chemical Brothers, this video follows a dog on an incredible journey from alleyway stray to racecar driver to astronaut to…the founder of a whole new civilization? You simply have to watch the whole thing to appreciate the way it joyfully subverts the tragic ends that typically awaited Laika and his kind. (And come on, it’s The Chemical Brothers.)