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First Look At ‘F1’: Brad Pitt’s Upcoming Racing Blockbuster

With scenes shot directly on F1 tracks, the film promises unparalleled realism and excitement.

Brad Pitt isn’t just a spectator at Formula 1 races anymore; he’s at the center of the action in the official teaser trailer for F1, a new Apple Films movie. Directed by Joseph Kosinski of Top Gun: Maverick fame and produced by F1 legend Lewis Hamilton, this film promises an adrenaline-pumping, realistic portrayal of the racing world. 

The teaser, released before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, showcases Pitt and teammate Damson Idris in high-octane roles. Pitt delivers intense lines like, “Build the car for combat,” setting the tone for the film’s high stakes and fierce competition.

The minute-long teaser gives us glimpses of thrilling track scenes, capturing the visceral experience of racing with in-car shots that highlight the authenticity of the film. Cameos from real F1 stars, including former Haas principal Guenther Steiner, add to the film’s credibility and excitement. In addition to Pitt and Idris, the cast includes Kerry Condon, Javier Bardem, Tobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Bodnia, and Samson Kayo.

With its summer 2025 release date, the F1 teaser leaves us eagerly anticipating more, possibly hinting at a big reveal during the Super Bowl to captivate sports fans. F1’s recent surge in popularity, especially in the U.S., underscores the perfect timing for this film. The sport’s boom has attracted numerous American brands, marking a significant shift in the F1 landscape. The film F1 is set to capitalize on this momentum, promising a thrilling, star-studded ride that captures the heart-pounding essence of Formula 1 racing.