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Tend Deep Aims to Provide Tendon Discomfort Relief At Home

Affordable, targeted tendon relief.

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Tendinopathy affects roughly 2 to 5 percent of the population. The term “tendinopathy” encompasses all tendon conditions that cause swelling or pain. It is most common among athletes but may also be caused by working long hours at a computer, age, certain medications, poor muscle strength, and other factors. The product, Tend Deep, is a current Indiegogo campaign looking to provide safe, affordable, at-home relief for tendinopathy.

A top English Premier League physio and industrial designer developed Tend Deep to bring relief from tendon pain and aid recovery processes. The product uses multiple vibration patterns to treat pain in different body areas. It is easy to operate with a single button that changes the vibration type and strength to suit individual needs. Tend Deep is also waterproof, allowing users to combine it with a warm or cold bath for superior relief.

Tend Deep is so compact that users can toss it into a gym bag, backpack, or suitcase to relieve tendon pain anywhere. The Tend Deep team recommends slowly incorporating this therapy into at-home pain relief routines. Just 10 minutes of use on each pain area can relieve tension and swelling while speeding up recovery. Anyone interested in targeted tendon relief can log onto the Indiegogo campaign website and purchase Tend Deep with an expected shipping date of November 2022.

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