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Death Star Tea Infuser

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

The perfect way for a Sith Lord to unwind and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

A cup of tea can have soothing effects that can make a stressful day more manageable by reducing the harmful effects of stress. He may not show it, as he cleverly conceals his emotions behind his mask, but there’s no doubt that Darth Vader’s anger issues stem from stress. Only if he could have enjoyed a cup of tea once in a while as he worked on the Death Star.

For those occasions when Lord Vader needed a break from all the stress of murdering and torturing, the Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser may have been the perfect way to enjoy a cup of tea. Made from stainless steel, its molded into the shape of the Death Star, which you can fill with your favorite loose leaf tea. It’s also dishwasher safe as well, so there’s no need for the Sith Lord to take time off to do the dishes.

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