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Urban Cabin by Suyama Peterson Deguchi

A private urban oasis designed for downsizing and simplifying.

Having things can feel overrated once you achieve it all. It all just becomes a burden, weighing us down from truly enjoying life. Once it becomes clear that you need to simplify your life and purge all things unnecessary, it takes a lot of courage to put things into action, but a couple in Washington State has been able to achieve just that with architecture.

Located in Seattle, Washington, the Urban Cabin by Suyama Peterson Deguchi has been designed for a retired couple downsizing and simplifying their lives, with everything that the couple needs and nothing more. This minimalist approach may not appeal to everyone, but once you lay your eyes on how it has been executed, you’ll be convinced. Built on a site that the couple has lived on for 26 years, it’s a private urban sanctuary where all program elements were reduced of excesses and distilled down to the elemental. The house itself it slightly recessed into the landscape, engaging in a visual connection to the site and protecting the inhabitants from a busy public park. The beautiful landscape and elegantly minimal house blend into one, creating an urban oasis like no other.