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Samsung OLED Laptop “BLADE BEZEL”

Samsung’s Blade Bezel OLED Laptop Promises Under Panel Camera And 1mm Display

OLED screens mimic colors as they actually appear in real life, helping to avoid eye strain when working or playing on your computer.

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Samsung recently announced its new Blade Bezel laptop with OLED tech to enhance its display. Perhaps the most striking feature is one you cannot even see:  An under-panel camera (or UPC) embedded in the screen. The UPC allows the Blade Bezel to do away with the camera hole in the bezel entirely. As a result, the laptop boasts an almost edge-to-edge display. It also sports the thinnest and lightest OLED display yet, with a 93% screen-to-body ratio compared to conventional laptops’ 85%.

The seamless edges of the Blade Bezel screen really do offer an impressive level of immersion. The OLED screen measures a scant 1mm of thickness, whereas traditional displays measure 2.1mm. To put those values into perspective, a US copper penny measures 1.35mm. Samsung says its Blade Bezel screens are up to 30 percent lighter too —130 grams versus 180 grams.

We first heard about the Blade Bezel in October of 2020 when Samsung filed a trademark for the name. Whether this moniker applies solely to this laptop, or to all of Samsung’s products with a UPC remains to be seen. Samsung has not revealed any information about pricing or when the Blade Bezel laptop will be released.

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