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QuietOn 3

Sleep In Silence With The QuietOn 3 ANC Earbuds

The QuietOn 3 come with a convenient charging case and feature the ability to switch between silencing and hearing mode.

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Who hasn’t experienced difficulty falling asleep? Whether it is due to distracting background noise, such as noisy neighbors, traffic sounds, or your snoring partner, the day following a restless night can be challenging. Lack of sleep contributes to difficulty concentrating, irritability, and a generally unproductive day. The Finnish company, QuietOn, offers a solution to this problem that plagues so many with the QuietOn 3, active noise canceling (ANC) earbuds specifically designed for sleep. According to QuietOn, its earbuds are the world’s smallest ANC device. Furthermore, as the company states, “They are designed to take you to a Nordic oasis of tranquility even in the most difficult noise circumstances.”

How do they accomplish this? The “oasis of tranquility” is achieved through QuietOn’s superb ANC technology: First, the noise coming into your ear is sampled and then attenuated with opposing soundwaves, resulting in soothing silence. In this context, no additional sound is audible that masks the original sound, allowing you to enjoy relaxing and comforting quiet instead. One of the most notable features of the QuietOn 3 earbuds is the small size, as previously stated. Designed for a normal-sized adult’s outer ear, the shell of the earbud typically fits just inside the ear. Because of this position and the slimness of the earbud, side sleepers do not feel any pressure. Given that the width of the ear canal varies from person to person, the QuietOn 3 comes with four different sizes of foam tips. The earbuds come in their own charging case which QuietOn recommends charging once per week. The QuietOn 3 is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo with an anticipated shipping date sometime in May of 2021.

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