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Porsche Design Xetic Sculpt Sneaker

Porsche Design Launches Its New XETIC Sculpt Sneaker

Equipped with the groundbreaking XETIC® shock absorption system.

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$ 390

Porsche Design has released its newest men’s sports shoe, the XETIC Sculpt Sneaker. The shoe features scientific XETIC technology, a pioneering cushioning system designed for peak running performance. According to Porsche Design, the XETIC system has been updated for 2022 and features “a three-part midsole that offers a lighter weight and even better cushioning.” The all-polyester shoe features a new texture of technical mesh, carbon insets, and perforated sections. The design is eye-catching and unique.

Porsche Design is a German product studio and brand established by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche of automotive fame. F.A. Porsche also designed the Porsche 911 car for the family business before opening the Porsche Design lab and studio in 1972. The studio has become known for high-end accessories including sunglasses, pens, clothing, timepieces, electronics, and bags. A pair of XETIC Sculpt Sneakers weighs in at just under 2 pounds (820 g) and sells for $390 from the Porsche-Design.com online store.

To learn more about Porsche Design Studio, check out ‘Porsche Unseen’.