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Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE 3D

The Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE 3D: The Future Of Footwear

An innovative fusion of cutting-edge suspension technology and unparalleled comfort.

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Deckers X Lab is one of the unique brands that is all about comfort without sacrificing style. It shouldn’t be a surprise — after all, Hoka co-founder Jean-Luc Diard founded the venture. The just released Deckers X Lab X-SCAPE 3D is a fusion of suspension technology and glove-like comfort that we can confirm is one of the most comfortable things we’ve put on our feet in a very long time. Crafted for those who lead an active lifestyle and demand exceptional comfort, the X-SCAPE 3D is engineered to endure high mileage while providing lasting support.

At the core of the X-SCAPE 3D lies its innovative midsole design. Combining a hybrid 3D printed shell with super foam filler, this suspension system adapts to the natural movement of your foot with precision. Each element is crafted to make every step effortless and comfortable, from a cantilever in the back for smooth landings to lattice suspension in the midfoot area for enhanced arch support.

The upper features perforated eco-tan thin NBK leather for breathability and durability, while the oversized padded collar ensures maximum comfort and foothold. The stretch Lycra nose allows for smooth flexing, seamlessly adapting to your foot’s movements. (Read: zero break-in time.)

With a CPU outsole for excellent grip in all conditions and durability to go the distance, the X-SCAPE 3D is designed for daily wear, making it perfect for those seeking style and functionality in their footwear. Its striking design ensures you’ll stand out with every step. The Deckers XLab X-SCAPE 3D is available now for $149.

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