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Rancourt x David Coggins Gilman Camp Moc

Rancourt x David Coggins Collaboration Delivers Gilman Camp Mocs

Merging the legendary craftsmanship of Rancourt with a classic Maine-inspired aesthetic.

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$ 295

David Coggins celebrated author and fly-fishing enthusiast, has teamed up with Rancourt & Co., renowned for their expertly crafted footwear, to introduce the Gilman Camp Moc—a shoe that’s as stylish as it is durable. This collaboration stems from Coggins’ latest literary adventure and his passion for timeless design and functional elegance.

Crafted in Maine by the skilled artisans of Rancourt, the Gilman Camp Moc showcases over a century of shoemaking prowess in its construction. Each pair involves more than 100 meticulous steps, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. The shoes feature a handsewn moc construction and are made from unlined Horween Chromexcel leather, known for its durability and the ability to beautifully patina over time. This heritage leather undergoes at least 89 different processes, highlighting Rancourt’s commitment to using only the best materials.

The design of the Gilman Camp Moc is tailored for the modern adventurer. With a broader and taller toe box, these moccasins offer a roomier fit that allows feet to breathe comfortably. The slip-on style is enhanced by antique brass eyelets and chestnut leather laces, which complement the natural rubber sole exclusive to Rancourt—ideal for both urban escapades and countryside jaunts.

Priced at $295, the Rancourt x David Coggins Gilman Camp Moc isn’t just a shoe; it’s a potential family heirloom, embodying a philosophy that footwear should be built to last and cherished across generations.

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