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Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 | Haptique RS90 & RS90X Smart Universal Remotes | Why The Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella Is The Perfect Summer Companion

Catch up on these and more of this week’s most popular highlighted products.

With summer upon us, Logitech’s Keys-To-Go 2 emerges as the ideal companion for those who demand the flexibility to work, learn, and create from anywhere. Whether you’re lounging at the beach or tucked away in a café, this keyboard ensures you stay productive without the bulk. It’s universally compatible across multiple operating systems and boasts scissor keys for a comfortable and precise typing experience. Effortlessly connect to up to three devices via Bluetooth with its Easy-Switch keys, allowing seamless integration across your tablets, phones, and laptops.

This week we also covered the Haptique RS90 and RS90X Smart Universal Remotes, currently available for pre-order via Kickstarter with plans for wider retail release. Available in light silver and gunmetal gray, the Haptique RS90 is designed to control virtually any device in your home, from traditional infrared appliances to modern Bluetooth and ZigBee smart home systems. The RS90X enhances the experience with an OLED display, increased memory, and the latest Android 12 OS, compared to the RS90’s LCD screen and Android 8.1.

Summer is the season for outdoor activities, from beach days to sporting events, picnics, and tailgates. Ensuring you have the right gear to stay comfortable and protected from the elements is crucial. The Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella is ideal for all your summer recreational needs. Our article, Why The Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella Is The Perfect Summer Companion, explains why this umbrella stands out from the rest and is a must-have for outdoor adventures.

Meanwhile, Suunto released its new packed-to-the-gills OCEAN Dive Computer and Sports Watch. Manufactured first and foremost with divers in mind, the watch delivers a wealth of freediving and scuba features and comes with full wireless support for monitoring tank pressure. Additional features include outdoor monitoring of the altimeter and barometer and accurate location tracking through GPS/GNSS. Bluetooth connectivity opens up additional functionality, including controlling your music collection.

We end with Reigning Champ’s new Seasonal Greens collection, a lineup that includes meticulously designed pieces crafted from high-quality materials. These ensure you stay cool, dry, and unrestricted no matter your activity level. Whether hitting the golf course, the streets, or the gym, Reigning Champ’s Seasonal Greens collection ensures you look good and perform better, making each piece a worthy investment for the discerning modern man.

Logitech KEYS-TO-GO 2

Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 Provides Portable Productivity Anywhere, Anytime

This ultra-portable keyboard is designed to make your tablet a productivity powerhouse.

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Haptique RS90 & RS90X Smart Universal Remote

Haptique RS90 & RS90X Are Game-Changers For Your Home

These devices transform how you interact with every gadget in your home.

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Why The Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella Is The Perfect Summer Companion

Why this welders umbrella is perfect for all your summer adventures.

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SUUNTO OCEAN Dive Computer and Sports Watch

Suunto Ocean Is A Dive Computer And Sports Watch In One

Its rechargeable battery delivers up to 60 hours of diving and 50 hours of continuous outdoor GPS tracking on a single charge.

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Reigning Champ Seasonal Greens

Reigning Champ’s Seasonal Greens: Where Performance Meets Refinement

From the gym to the golf course, each item is crafted with high-quality materials and thoughtful design elements.

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