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Vivobarefoot JUNGLE ESC

Vivobarefoot Jungle ESC: Your Next Go-To Adventure Shoes

This innovative footwear is designed with the explorer in mind.

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$ 280

Embark on an adventure like never before with the Vivobarefoot Jungle ESC. As part of their Ecological Survival Collection (ESC), this groundbreaking footwear offering is designed to conquer our planet’s most challenging environments. Vivobarefoot, renowned for its commitment to reconnecting people with nature, has crafted the Jungle ESC with a barefoot philosophy.

Prototyped in 2016 and ready for the rugged outdoors, the Jungle ESC features a wide toe box for a natural fit, ensuring freedom of movement and enhanced stability. Its Michelin rugged outsole delivers unparalleled grip on any terrain. At the same time, the Cordura 900D upper provides abrasion resistance for durability in the jungle’s harshest conditions.

Designed to detect insects without attracting them, the Jungle ESC’s fluorescent mesh lining offers safety and practicality. With fast drainage capabilities and debris protection, this footwear keeps you comfortable and focused on your exploration.

Crafted with attention to detail and inspired by nature’s organic forms, the Jungle ESC is more than just a shoe—it’s a testament to Vivobarefoot’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. Prepare for your next adventure with the Jungle ESC, priced at $280.

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