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On Cloudboom Strike

On Cloudboom Strike Redefines Marathon Racing Shoes

On’s engineers have created a shoe with increased cushioning and superior energy return.

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$ 280

On is taking the carbon-plated racing shoe game to new heights with the Cloudboom Strike, a shoe designed with meticulous attention to detail and innovative engineering. The latest carbon fiber plated marathon super shoe from On Running isn’t just about following the recipe of a curved carbon plate in a thick, responsive foam stack. It’s about refining every element to enhance performance and reduce weight. As Jaime García Romo, Athletes Innovation Product Manager at On Running, says, “We focused on trying to remove all non-performing materials and optimizing as much as possible in the performing ones.”

One of the standout features of the Cloudboom Strike is the elimination of the traditional Strobel and sockliner. By removing these underperforming layers, On’s engineers were able to embed a high-performing midsole foam, known as Helium Hyperfoam, directly underfoot. This innovative design provides an additional 3 to 4 millimeters of top-quality foam, translating to increased cushioning and better energy return. 

The shoe’s geometry, including the optimized rocker, midsole cutouts, and Cloudtech cavities, has been meticulously crafted for a smooth transition and superior performance. This attention to detail ensures that every stride in the On Cloudboom Strike keeps your legs fresh and fast, adhering to Romo’s mantra, “Fresh legs are fast legs.” Priced at $280, the Cloudboom Strike will be available on July 11.

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