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Paul Smith x Braun Limited Edition Collection

Paul Smith’s Latest Collab With Braun Produces A Limited-Edition Clock And Watch Project

The addition of the ‘Artist Stripe’ adds a playful detail to the three timeless Braun designs that prioritize form, function, and clarity.

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British fashion and German design come together to create a limited-edition clock and watch project with the Paul Smith x Braun Limited Edition Collection. The collection consists of three Braun designs, which include a classic black large analog quartz wall clock, a black leather strap quartz watch, and a black travel analog alarm clock. The pieces feature the clean lines and finish characteristic of Braun, coupled with a splash of color provided by the ‘Artist Stripe’ seen on the second hand and date indicator, which is a trademark feature of Paul Smith design.

With Braun’s iconic yellow second hand being modified with the trademark feature of Paul Smith’s design, a playful feel is infused into the three timeless Braun designs. Braun is renowned as a pioneer of good design. Extending beyond the realms of fashion and design, Paul Smith’s creativity has served as a foundation for establishing collaborative projects with leading design companies. The shared values of Paul Smith and Braun, the philosophy, and approach to design underpin this limited-edition collaborative project.