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Virgil Abloh x Braun Wandanlage

Braun’s 1965 Wandanlage Hi-Fi Audio Wall Unit Receives An Update Courtesy Of Virgil Abloh

The design bridges the gap between form and function, with materials that ensure it lasts for the next 100 years.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Braun has collaborated with Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White™ and the artistic director of Louis Vuitton Menswear, to transform Dieter Rams’ 1965 Wandanlage Hi-Fi audio wall unit into a “functional art” piece. Dubbed the Virgil Abloh x Braun Wandanlage, Braun and Abloh embraced the same tenets Rams was committed to — function, innovation, beauty, honesty, longevity, sustainability, and minimalism. By taking a ‘less but better’ approach to the design process, Abloh and Braun ensure that the original hi-fi audio wall unit remains the hero of the collaboration – and the technology still functions today as it did back in 1965.

Bearing a distinctive metallic finish, the eye-catching piece is at once sleek, modern, retro, and unparalleled in its aesthetic appeal. The original’s powder-white coated metal has been replaced with polished chrome, well suited to 2021. The chrome references both the brands’ frequent use of the material. Design aside, Braun and Abloh naturally had other things on their minds when creating the reboot — namely the ability for the product to actually work in the same way the original did. Therein lies the functionality behind the art, along with deliberate details and materials thoughtfully curated by Abloh with an intensive focus on workmanship and durability. The end result is pure, elegant, and polished all at once, with a nod to the design characteristics of yesteryear.

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