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Braun Audio LE Series

Braun Revisits Its LE Speakers From The 1950s

Braun reimagines its classic LE speakers.

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$ 400+

The Braun Audio LE Series of three premium Hi-Fi speakers is perfectly tuned and built to last. Braun says the speakers’ flat, modern BMR drive units create a non-directional, panoramic profile that fills the room. Not only that, but the system offers an excellent balance of form and function with powerful performance and a minimalist machined aluminum body. The Audio LE Series boasts a button to disconnect the microphones for privacy. The speakers use in-app bass and treble tone control to provide multi-room and stereo pairing. It is a wireless setup for hands-free control with Google Assistant and built-in software that keeps the speakers up-to-date.

What’s more, the Braun Audio LE Series delivers an immersive sound and wide dynamic range that retains crystal clarity, even at low volumes. Braun says the Audio App will tailor playback and allow more bass and treble fine-tuning, depending on speaker placement. Additionally, the LE01 and LE02 speakers can operate in landscape mode. And they can also work in portrait orientation, using floor stands, so that users can configure them into a stereo pair with separate audio channel duties. It’s easy to switch from landscape to portrait modes using the placement EQ settings. The LE03 is a compact square speaker with a high dynamic range and immersive sound.

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