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Parrot DISCO

Parrot ventures into a new category of winged drones with this new prototype.

Parrot has positioned itself as a unique brand, offering a diverse range of drones that are easy to operate, as well as high-end bluetooth headphones that offer stunning design and sound quality. Although only a prototype at this point, the Parrot DISCO is a unique proposition by the French wireless products manufacturer that offers wings in a sector that is heavily dominated by drones that rely on propellers.

The DISCO will take off by simply throwing it in the air and will be easy to control as well. It can follow a set path through the Flight Plan app and once you are finished with the drone, you can engage its ‘return home’ function for it to automatically — albeit slightly abruptly — land by itself. Despite being only a prototype at this point, Parrot is hopeful that it will be able to offer the DISCO later this year.