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Nike To Release The Futuristic Venturer Performance Face Mask

Designed for optimal breathability, the Venturer is crafted to be worn during workouts.

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$ 60

The Tokyo Olympic Games have offered us a preview of Nike’s soon-to-be-released distinctive Venturer Performance Face Mask. The mask, worn by US athletes on the podium, sports a unique pleated design — a nod to Origami, the art of paper folding, which has a long history in Japan, this year’s host. Serving as the sportswear giant’s first performance mask, the face cover is designed for optimal breathability and made with lightweight mesh. A moldable nose wire allows for a personalized fit that works with a chin insert and secure straps.

The Nike Venturer has a lightweight, 3D structured form that allows for plenty of breathing room and prevents it from collapsing during activity, even when wet. Adjustable straps let wearers completely customize the fit to their activity. Loop the straps behind the head and go for high-intensity movements or around the ears when you’re taking it slow. Machine washable for reusable performance, the Performance Face Mask comes complete with a protective case to prevent deformation during travel. No word yet on when the Nike Venturer will be available, but the brand’s site lists it as “Coming Soon.”

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