Lunaz Electric Classic Cars

Lunaz Electric Classic Cars

Lunaz Designs assimilates modern electric powertrains into the bodies of some of the most elegant designs in automotive history.

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The British automotive startup Lunaz recognizes electric vehicles as the future of the industry. That doesn’t mean we have to forget about the incredible beauty, style, and grace that epitomizes so many classic car designs. In this spirit, Lunaz is dedicated to giving new life to classic vehicles by outfitting them with fully electric powertrains.

To accomplish this task with the care and attention to quality that these classic cars deserve, former Renault F1 Technical Director Jon Hilton-Lunaz leads a team of engineers who have done signification work for Formula 1 racing as well as iconic automotive brands such as Ferrari, Jaguar, Aston Martin, McLaren, and Volkswagen.

Lunaz Electric Classic Cars are currently producing versions of the Rolls Royce Phantom V and the Jaguar XK120 in extremely limited numbers. It has already purchased rights to release other classic cars as electric conversions, but it is keeping these models under wraps….for now.