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James Brand × Daneson Toothpick

A Titanium Toothpick Case From James Brand

Each container crafted by James Brand comes with 24 of Daneson’s bone-white American northern white birch toothpicks.

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$ 85

There’s just something about a relaxed jaw and the lips of a slightly opened mouth that anchors a toothpick that gives that timeless look a cool, calm, and collected silhouette. From Clint Eastwood to Dusty Baker, that sense of charm sets it obvious who the coolest person in the room is. Daneson crafts their toothpicks out of bone-white American northern white birch with a level of artisan craftsmanship. That process is one that James Brand can surely relate to — as they put the same painstaking work into each of their products. The James Brand × Daneson Toothpick is a collaboration between a pair who are match made in heaven.

Daneson created a special edition Atlas Mint flavored toothpick for this release. Then, James Brand hit the mark with a CNC-machined titanium and brass cache to easily carry the 24 toothpicks that come with it. This modern complement to a timeless accessory is made with a level of elegant simplicity that puts a much more visceral experience behind keeping this part of your everyday carry in check.