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Daneson BOURBON Nº 22 Toothpicks

These toothpicks carry the essence of bourbon deep in their birch fibers to satisfy your oral fixation and picking needs.

We need to talk about toothpicks. Whether you’re using it to pick out that last piece of dinner stuck between your teeth somewhere, or casually keeping it in your mouth to satisfy your oral fixation, it’s better to have something that offers more flavor than just sucking on a piece of wood. (As wonderful as their aromas can be, wood isn’t exactly known to be a delicacy.)

Daneson, makers of fine flavored toothpicks, introduces the BOURBON Nº 22 Toothpicks to satisfy your oral fixation and or picking needs while filling your mouth with the pleasant aromas of bourbon. It’s made with barrel aged bourbon, with a subtle hint at first that only builds in complexity as its warmed in your mouth. If you’re worried about getting drunk off of this toothpick, apart from being a weak sauce, there’s nothing to worry about as Daneson’s unique process flashes away the alcohol and leaves the essence of the spirit – botanicals, extracts and phenols – deep in the birch fibers.