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GPinto ON

GPinto ON

The perfect marriage between analogue and digital comes in a classic design.

The split between old and new in today’s world has become more evident as we fully embrace the shift from the analogue age to the digital. This is most evident in music, with a growing interest in classic hi-fi systems in reaction to digital music. The warm sound has resonated with many music lovers, where more and more audiophiles are turning back to their dusty record collection for music consumption.

Despite this movement, there’s no denying that we still live in a digital age. To reconcile the gap that has always existed between the digital and analogue worlds in music, GPinto offers ON (Old/New), a plug and play turntable that can manage both digital and analogue sources. It can connect to computers with a USB cable or to portable devices like your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth aptX audio receiver. It’s the perfect marriage between the digital world you can’t live without and the analogue world that you long to live in.