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Hoerboard Com.Four DJ Stand

A retro-style sideboard with a DJ Stand that can hold up to 350 records.

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Digitizing music has made life so much easier for people who need music on the go. Despite the convenience, there are moments when music lovers prefer to enjoy the analogue sound from vinyl records. Thankfully we live in an era where both digital and analogue mediums are both getting the attention it deserves, with more options available than ever before.

The Hoerboard Com.Four DJ Stand is made for vinyl lovers and DJs at heart. With a 1960’s sideboard design, it offers ample room for your vinyl collection, holding up to 350 records. The Com.Four DJ stand intricately molds in the modern and mid-century design. Its elegant multiplex surface comes in either black or matte white and adds to its finely crafted design to make this DJ stand robust and durable. With optional laptop clips and speaker stands that you can attach the Com.Four, you’ll be ready to rock out to your vinyl and digital music library at your next party.