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reMarkable Paper Tablet

The reMarkable Paper Tablet is a digital device for people who prefer working on paper.

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The gap between paper and digital devices is quickly decreasing, with more and more mobile devices that are putting massive computing power right at the palm of our hands. However, paper still has the upper hand for many, as it promotes a more natural flow of ideas. Many companies have attempted to merge the two worlds, where you get to experience the natural flow of ideas on paper while still having the convenience and editing capabilities of a digital medium.

The reMarkable Paper Tablet is a unique device that attempts to make paper digital. It bridges the gap between the analogue and digital world by offering a tablet that offers paper-like reading, writing, and sketching with digital powers. It looks and feels almost like an offspring between a Kindle and an iPad, where you have the e-ink screen, or ‘canvas display’ in this case, on a larger screen. Thanks to the canvas display, there’s no need to print out documents anymore, or haul heavy documents. It’s also wifi connected, so all your notes will be instantly available and synchronized with all your devices. It’s truly a paper made for the digital age.