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Wheel Turntable

The record player of the future has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon.

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Everything old is new again – for clear evidence of this, look no farther than the fact that vinyl has started outselling other forms of digital media again (and even some types of digital media) for the first time in decades. Stop us when this sounds familiar: you’re just about ready to break out all your old Metallica albums again, but then you remember: “aww, man. Record players are really big, aren’t they? I don’t have room for this…” Before you run back into the arms of your MP3 player, meet the answer to all of your problems and more: the Wheel Turntable.

In many ways, the Wheel Turntable is the record player that vinyl deserves. It’s designed from the ground up to be as minimalist as possible — it’s literally just a wheel. It’s easy to hook up and even easier to use – just put on a record and hit play. A slender center stick lets you control all the action and the unit can even be used horizontally or vertically. Think of it like a normal record player, just turned upside down — the entire concept has been thoughtfully redesigned to put the music front and center where it belongs. Though the unit does feature a wireless transmitter to connect to any modern day speakers you may have, to unlock the full potential you’re definitely going to want to run a wired connection to a solid amplifier so that you can hear every second of heart-pounding bass and those electric riffs the way they were always intended.