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Leica M-D

Leica M-D Typ 262

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Although most rangefinder cameras have almost disappeared, Leica still makes new rangefinders that not only carry on the tradition but also offer a superb alternative to modern photographers that are accustomed to SLRs. Their sky high prices may scare off most that are contempt with their current setup, but there are distinct advantages and experiences that only come with a rangefinder. To tempt us even more, Leica has introduced their latest in the M Series, a state of the art digital rangefinder.

The Leica M-D Typ 262 is a minimalist approach to photography, omitting all but the essentials to capturing the decisive moment so you can focus on your creativity. Some may lament the lack of a screen, the hallmark of a digital camera, but the focus of the Leica M-D is the joy of simplicity and purity rather than the complication that many feature-laden cameras create. It’s for the minimalist who likes his gear to be simple and and dependable. It is, after all, a rangefinder and you need to appreciate it for what it is instead of expecting modern features that take away from the experience. The near six-grand price tag may scare off some, as it is a big financial commitment, but for those that want the purest experience in photography, it will be worth the investment.