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GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma Drone

The highly anticipated drone from GoPro let you capture ultra smooth footage in the air, handheld, or mounted on your gear.

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As part of their massive unveiling of new products, unveils their highly anticipated Karma drone along with the HERO5 Blackand HERO5 Session cameras.

The GoPro Karma is easy to fly, allowing novices to jump right on to make amazing videos while experienced drone users will be able to enjoy its full performance. Following GoPro’s ethos of keeping things light and compact, the Karma is neatly folds into its own lightweight, compact case. Compatible with most modern GoPros, such as the new GoPro HERO5 Black, it even comes with an included Karma Grip stabilizer that allows you to take ultra-smooth video, whether handheld or mounted, with the built-in camera controls. There’s even a GoPro Passenger app that lets your friends join in on the fun, allowing them to view your flight on their phones. To see the GoPro Karma drone and stabilizer in action, check out the videos below.