GoPro Max

GoPro Max

It also features a front-facing screen for self-recording, a built-in shotgun-mic, and twin-lens cameras for a wider recording angle.

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$ 500

GoPro has long dominated the world of active video cameras. The small devices can easily attach to mounts on a bicycle, a helmet, on the side of cars, skateboards, and really anywhere else you might want it. The cameras are waterproof and can take a beating. In fact, if you check online you’ll find videos of bears and other wild animals attempting to eat the cameras. The release of the GoPro Max looks to take things even further.

The GoPro Max takes the original GoPro design and adds a number of new, impressive features. This includes a 360-degree camera feature with six built-in microphones to record audio from all directions, plus twin-lens spherical cameras to provide a wider recording angle. It features a front-facing screen for self-recording and a built-in shotgun-mic. Plus, with a number of recording features built into the device, the GoPro Max is the performance camera designed for anyone who wants more control and durability on their active videos.