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Keep Everything In Its Place With Gather

With Gather, all of your essential items have a dedicated spot on your desk.

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Ugmonk is a brand focused on creating and curating thoughtfully-designed products. Its latest release is dubbed Gather, a magnetic organization system that serves to streamline your desk. Currently on Kickstarter, Gather started with a goal of raising $12,500, and, at the time of writing this, the amount currently pledged for the product is $199,687.

The Gather organizer set comes with everything the modern man needs for the perfect desk setup. Everything can be purchased separately to meet your individual needs, or for those of us woefully in need of the full makeover, the entire set may be purchased as one.

Accommodate your monitor with either a large or small stand, place your laptop at a great viewing angle with a laptop stand, and put things where they belong with the organizer stand. A MagSafe phone stand lets you see incoming messages, and your headphones are ready to crank your work playlist on their stand. The pencil cup and note tray round out the whole set. What’s more, you can choose between black and white walnut or black and white maple.

But let’s talk magnets, those things we just loved playing with as curious kids. Yes, magnets make everything even cooler. Gather ensures your organized desk stays organized with super strong magnets that hold everything in place. Go ahead and watch your co-worker grab things off your desk without knocking your pencil cup over.

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