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Frolic: The World’s First Culinary Grade, Fresh Serve Home Ice Cream Maker

Make delicious ice cream in just two minutes

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$ 389+

With just the press of a button, it will soon be possible to get fresh, customized ice cream in just about two minutes. Dana Cree, a two-time James Beard award finalist, and executive pastry chef has paired up with Frolic to create an easy-to-use, convenient, countertop ice cream maker that takes the guesswork out of creating homemade ice cream from scratch.

The Frolic ice cream maker crams a big punch in a small package designed to fit conveniently on a kitchen counter. Measuring just 11-inches x 6-inches x 15.5-inches tall, the Frolic ice cream maker creates ice cream in just three easy steps. First, choose a favorite ice cream pod designed by Frolic. Next, add any flavoring to the pod, like fresh fruit, sprinkles, or crushed cookies. Lastly, simply press start to get rich, creamy smooth ice cream. Frolic pods are available in 13.5 oz. sizes and come in vanilla or chocolate flavors. Ice cream lovers can choose between classic, lite, or vegan (dairy-free) ice cream pods. Clean-up is easy with just a quick rinse of the blade under hot water. Ice cream can be stored and frozen for up to one year.

While the Frolic ice cream maker system is still in production as a Kickstarter, the first shipments of this fantastic machine are set to leave the manufacturing facility in June 2022. A single Frolic machine starts at $389, and there are plenty of available add-ons. Ice cream fans can add a pod package to their purchase, available in either a five-pack, ten-pack, or a monthly subscription that includes five pods per month. Subscriptions can be changed or canceled at any time.

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