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Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

Keep Organized With The Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

This is a super versatile bag with tons of spacious pockets to pack it all while taking up a small footprint in your travel bag.

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$ 67+

For those who love to travel regularly, picking the right luggage can make or break your adventures. However, while most wanderers will focus on big items like a backpack or suitcase, what about toiletries? Toiletry bags have not changed much, meaning that they are not well suited for all travel excursions. All too often, the bag becomes a jumbled mess, prone to causing leaks and explosions. Fortunately, the Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag is designed to fix all that.

With its multiple interior zippered pockets the Explorer MAX keeps everything separate but contained. The mesh pockets allow users to see all their items quickly and clearly. Constructed with high-quality, durable canvas-like material the toiletry bag is both water-resistant and tough. The Explorer MAX has a center pocket that is long and wide, specifically designed for larger items, making it a perfect fit for hairbrushes, contact lens solutions, electric shavers, and more. A vinyl translucent TSA-friendly bag is included which allows users to pull out liquids quickly to make it easier to run through airport security. A Kickstarter campaign, the Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag also comes with a handy, adjustable locking strap so users can hang it virtually anywhere. The bag is available in either black or sand and will ship in November of this year.

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