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At home or on the go, Boxx offers over 200+ classes from its signature boxing inspired workouts to Cardio, Strength, and Yoga.

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Boxx is a London-based business currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo to fund the production of their punchbag and smart trackers. Boxx has been creating boxing workouts since 2017. They say consumer feedback inspired their re-imagined punchbag, which comes in four colors: pitch black, muted pink, bold blue, and cool grey. There are two fabric options, as well – vegan leather or a LUX cotton blend cover.

The company says the built-in smart tracker is like having an instructor track each punch’s speed, power, and direction. Plus, with this smart punchbag, users earn points and see the metrics live in class as they work out. Users can also choose a leaderboard, allowing them to compete against fellow community members. What’s more, the Boxx smart punchbag tracks progress over time, including punch count, power, speed, calories burned, Boxx points, and workouts completed.

The Boxx smart bag app provides on-demand boxing, yoga, stretching classes, themed workout series, and an offline tracker. Even better? Boxx says they’re giving all backers a free lifetime subscription to the Boxx app. Boxx has a working prototype and already boasts over two million online workout users via their iOS/Android App, Amazon Prime, and virtually in gyms. This smart bag has storage mode, fight mode, and includes a base with wheels, making moving and storage a breeze. Boxx will begin shipping in August 2022.

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