Discommon Bottle Opener 2

A deceptively simple design that’s highly satisfying in hand, this bottle opener adds class to any home bar.

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Discommon is proud to embrace its identity first and foremost as a design firm, challenging themselves to solve design problems with a bit of creativity. The cool stuff are direct results from these design challenges and the Discommon Bottle Opener 2 was born out of a little creative mind-bending while solving a design dilemma for a luggage company.

By finding a way to combine the tactile look and feel of hand stitching with leather and titanium, they’ve crafted a bottle opener that takes things up a notch. This combination of silky-smooth American cowhide and polished, grade 5 titanium instantly adds class to any home bar. It also happens to feel highly satisfying in hand, thanks to the textures of the tumbled and vapor-polished machined titanium, the top-quality cowhide, and the hand stitching.

Discommon isn’t afraid to admit that their Discommon Bottle Opener 2 took a lot of engineering to perfect, from nailing the faceted lines on the titanium to getting the laser-cut stitch holes on the metal and cowhide to line up perfectly. But the result is a deceptively simple design you’ll reach for every time you want to open a favorite beverage.