Discommon Watch Roll 2

Discommon Releases An Updated Watch Roll

D30 impact armor is infused into the watch roll’s reconfigured layer of impact protection for a thinner lining that’s every bit as strong.

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$ 190+

You spend serious money on your watch and other accessories. Protecting these items while you travel is essential. Now, an updated fabric guard is available for your most important jewelry. The Discommon Watch Roll 2 is a refined version of the original. With so many people satisfied with the initial version, the designers at Discommon revamped its design to meet everyone’s needs more closely. A few adjustments to the corners, more refined debossing, and a thinner layer of impact protection lining are the key changes to this piece. Better yet, the price is significantly lower.

You can tell you have an original Discommon product because of its eye-catching orange accents. That detailing marks the solid black or light gray colorways of this watch roll. Tight stitching, durable material, and D30 impact armor ensure that the roll delivers on its promise to protect your valuables. Deeper detailing to the leather and more efficient hardware offers further improvements to Discommon’s re-imagined watch roll as well.