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The Discommon Weekender Duffle Is Your Go-To Travel Bag

The embossed exterior ridges on the outer shell of the Discommon Weekender were inspired by ribbed Ferrari seats.

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$ 875

Discommon, the self-described industrial design and manufacturing firm, has just unveiled The Weekender, a duffle that took Discommon’s founder, Neil Ferrier, four years to bring to fruition. The idea for the Weekender was born when Ferrier realized he didn’t have a go-to duffle for his constant business travels. In true form, Ferrier avoided creating just any duffle, rather, he designed a superior duffel. Fabricated with longevity and quality in mind, The Weekender is constructed by Korchmar Leather Specialty Co., one of America’s oldest briefcase manufacturers.

Discommon’s Weekender boasts numerous practical features. For example, consider the large top-surface main opening and the two zippered pockets for valuables—one lined in felt for the serious items, like a watch. At the front end of the bag there is, what has been aptly coined, the “dump slot.” It is a simple pocket with single-hand access that conveniently pops open to allow you to dump all the contents of your pockets while in the airport security line. There is also a laptop pocket lined with impact resistant shear-thickening foam to secure your electronics. With an underside constructed of ballistic nylon, there is no need to worry about setting the duffle on the ground. Available in grey and black, The Weekender has room to spare for clothing and a Dopp kit for those days spent on the road.