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Fire Road Profile Bottle Opener

Honest and premium materials make for a satisfying bottle opening experience.

A sturdy and dependable bottle opener is a must have tool at the bar. The tactile satisfaction one gets from opening a bottle with a hefty opener is a ritual that gets lost in the anticipation of drinking your beverage, but an important one nonetheless.

Fire Road, designers of classic objects updated for the 21st century, understands the importance of a satisfying bottle opener, and have created a beautiful object that goes beyond its intended use. The Fire Road Profile Bottle Opener is crafted from honest and premium materials for your bottle opening pleasure. Add the silky surface and substantial weight of polished Carrara marble, you have a bottle opener that feels satisfying to hold in your hands every time you reach for your favorite beverage. The rich anodized brass or silver frame also assures that you will be able to rely on this dependable bottle opener for years to come.