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DBA Mini Remastered Marshall Edition

David Brown Automotive MINI Remastered Marshall Edition Is A Limited Edition Restomod That Literally Rocks Out

Marshall Audio turns 60 and celebrates with a fleet of custom MINIs.

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David Brown Automotive (DBA) has earned a reputation for restoring original MINI Coopers into posh restomods with bespoke themes. DBA’s latest four-wheeled work of art is the MINI Remastered Marshall Edition. The theme for this old MINI with new tricks is a rock-and-rolling celebration in honor of Marshall’s 60th anniversary. Being a renowned audio company, the engineers at Marshall worked with DBA to give the MINI a functional amplifier in the trunk.

Besides the ready-to-rock junk in the trunk, the DBA MINI Remastered Marshall Edition hosts a series of bespoke details. The Marshall Edition MINI is dressed in an exclusive shade of Marshall Black matte-finish paint with gold-painted accents and custom emblems. The car’s front grille is gold mesh to match the amplifier. Moreover, the MINI rolls on 12-inch black wheels with gold-painted brake calipers.

Inside the restored DBA MINI, the Marshall amplifier is housed in a custom leather-lined cargo area. As one would expect, the MINI Remastered Marshall Edition features an upgraded audio system. It has dashboard-mounted twitters, extra speakers in the doors, and a Bluetooth speaker. Under the hood, buyers will find a 1.33-liter A-Series four-banger with a five-speed transmission.

David Brown Automotive announced it would only build 60 examples of the Marshall Edition MINI Cooper. Among the limited-production, customers can choose between left or right-hand drive configurations. Pricing has not been announced, but expect it to be high, considering each MINI Remastered Marshall Edition is hand-built. However, one comforting thought is part of each sale will be donated to the Music Venue Trust – a charity for independent artists in the UK.

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DBA Mini Remastered Marshall Edition

DBA MINI Remastered Marshall Edition

  • Engine: 1330 cc
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual
  • Max Power: 83-hp
  • Max Torque: 98 lb.-ft