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Cardinal Remote Surveillance Drone

Cardinal Remote Surveillance Drone

Autonomous drone that will keep a watchful eye out on your home while you are gone.

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Affordable home security solutions like the Nest Cam have made keeping your home secure more easier than ever before. Although these are great solutions, we often wondered if the advances technology, especially with the recent surge of drones, could be incorporated into keeping our home even safer.

The Cardinal Remote Surveillance Drone promises to do exactly that by keeping a watchful eye out on your home while you are gone. The autonomous remote surveillance drone can fly unto 20 minutes with a single charge and has full-HD 3 axis stabilized video capabilities. It’s compact design and light weight means that it can fly around your house while you are gone, making sure that every part of your home is secure. The current website is a bit thin on details and at $4,000, which will rise to $6,000 at launch, the price is a bit out of reach for most, but it’s a concept that will truly revolutionize home security if it works as promised.