‘Captain Marvel’ Official Trailer

The female superhero that will defeat Thanos falls from the sky into a Blockbuster store and punches a granny on a bus.

We’re not sure what we love more about the opening moments of the Captain Marvel Official Trailer, the fact that the bodies falling were reminiscent of Netflix’s The 100 series or that the first thing that comes into focus is a Blockbuster Video store. Let’s hope that this isn’t foreshadowing for the success of the movie (or the franchise itself).

To be fair, a close second on the list of the things that we love most about this trailer has to be Samuel L. Jackson, who says: “Space invasion, big car chase… truth be told, I was ready to hang it up until I met you today.” Followed by the long drawn out “so” that Samuel L. Jackson is known for delivering at the perfect moment when he isn’t shouting “I’ve had it with these mothaf*ckin’ snakes, on this mothaf*ckin’ plane!” Intrigue and action (meaning “why is Captain Marvel punching a granny on a public transportation?”) await in the trailer for the highly anticipated Captain Marvel movie. After all, Nick Fury said she was the last hope for humanity against Thanos in the last Avengers movie.