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Polaroid Blue 600 Film - Reclaimed Edition

Showcase Your Unique Perspective With Polaroid’s Reclaimed Blue 600 Film

The film develops into a striking, rich shade of blue.

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Craft unique, moody photographs with the new Polaroid Blue 600 Film. Created entirely by accident by a Polaroid scientist, this funky film will give your images a vibrant blue hue that you can only get from the photo pros at Polaroid (even if it was unintentional!).

Whether you’re shooting portraits, action, or still-life imagery, the perfect combination of navy and royal will leave a lasting impression on your prints. This film was made from recycled waste material in a Polaroid factory in The Netherlands by experimenting with unique chemical reactions between color and black & white film.

The film’s size format is 4.2 x 3.5 inches and is compatible with the Polaroid 600, Now, Now+, OneStep 2, OneStep+, and Polaroid Lab. Allow about 15 to 20 minutes to develop, and then take in the wonder and magic of your unexplained blue photographs.

From hobby photographers to professionals, shooting on film can be a challenging way to express your unique style and test your camera skills. Add the blue-hued Polaroid 600 film to your repertoire and see where your creativity takes you. Each pack comes with 8 photos per pack starting at $17, available on the Polaroid website.

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