‘Lost & Found’

A heartbreaking exploration of love's sacrifices is found in the cuddliest animated short of the year.

A heartbreaking exploration of the intense sacrifices that love requires, Lost & Found is also the cutest and cuddliest animated short of the year. And if you can’t imagine how the adjectives “cute” and “cuddly” can apply to taking a bullet for a loved one, you need to drop everything and watch this incredible stop-motion film right now.

The story of a knitted toy dinosaur and the knitted toy fox that it adores, Lost & Found has won awards from the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts and both the Sydney and Austin Film Festivals. Although the characters may look cartoony, the themes of Lost & Found plunge into distinctly adult territories that are as deep as the well that sets the film’s tragic yet hopeful events into motion.

Animation nerds who know just how grueling stop motion can be will marvel at the intricate and time-consuming processes that brought this extraordinary little film to life.